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For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go 'round





WDisneyRP-Arthur's Profile Picture
Arthur "Wart" Pendragon
United Kingdom
Arthur Gif 100 by Hylian-Socks ((Made by :iconhylian-socks:))

Hello my name is Arthur but everybody calls me 'Wart'
I work for my foster father, Sir Ector, as a page but I'm training to be a Squire for my foster brother, Kay. I'm finally getting my big chance to go to London with him for a tournament. In the meantime I'm going to train hard and become educated by Merlin

Aliases: Wart, Arthur, Boy, lad, 'Regular little grasshopper' (By Merlin), Runt(By Pete), The boy (The ghosts of the Haunted Mansion)
Age: Young teenager
Alignment: Good
Personality: curious, kind, puts heart in everything he does, brave, noble, eager to learn, daydreamer
Abilities: Despite being Merlin's apprentice he has no magical abilities of his own, however he can speak basic french
Habits: Eating with my mouth open, falling downstairs when carrying objects, tends to daydream, asks a lot of questions
Flaws: Clumsy, gets confused easily, He can't read or write, but he can recognise his own and Merlin's name written down
Companion/Pet: Merlin and Archimedes
Similar Characters: Taran. Peter pan, Mowgli, Pete (From Pete's Dragon), Cody (From rescuers down under but more in appearance)), young kristoph, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Young Link(LOZ: Ocarina of Time)
Home: Camelot Knighting Academy, England

My Mentor: :iconwdisneyrp-merlin: A good-hearted man who I trust with my life, his wisdom is a little...strange at times but I trust it to be true

Close Friends
:iconwdisneyrp-taran: They have known each since they were young and have developed a playful brotherly rivalry
:iconwdisneyrp-quasi: Arthur has never known a love as strong as his, they stay by each other's side through thick and thin. He is proud to call you brother
:iconwdisneyrp-ortensia: Arthur has never had a motherly figure in his life and appreciates her kindness and generosity
:iconwdisneyrp-constance: He never believed Constance to be truly evil since she had the mercy to spare his life on his first and then again when they crossed. They now very close and he does what he can to make her happy or just to see her smile. In recent events has not only earned her love and protection but also that of the other haunts of the mansion and has become, to his disbelief, their local hero.
:iconwdisneyrp-shang: General Shang is the first soldier to treat him as an equal and is even teaching him how to fight
:iconwdisneyrp-charlotte: Charlotte is the first wealthy woman he's befriended, he likes her company and finds her a very sweet and generous woman
:iconwdisneyrp-janeporter: A charming young woman, he assisted her when she was turned into a bird and befriended her quickly due to their fondness for learning of new and strange things
:iconwdisneyrp-elsa: Arthur would like to get to know her and is grateful for housing him when he nearly froze to death to deliver her some goods. Despite what she thinks, he believes that her magic may have good use and maybe even be able to help people
:iconwdisneyrp-esmeralda: She housed him when he ran away one time and, even though she is beyond lady like, finds her a fun woman to be around.
:iconwdisneyrp-lucinda: He's quite impressed that Lucinda knows magic at such a young age, he just hopes she'll use it for good
:iconwdisneyrp-jessica: He really likes Jessica but her beauty and affection towards him often makes it hard to hold a blush

Enemy: :iconwdisneyrp-mim: That horrible old witch tried to destory me and Merlin! Now she's back and as bad as ever!

:iconwdisneyrp-frollo: Even though he knows Frollo's intentions for him are good, his temper and mental episodes often frightens him away and does not like to be left alone with him for long. The worst was when he'd been turned into a naga and the judge thought he was a demon from hell and tried to murder him
:iconwdisneyrp-hatter: He is a little unsure whether to trust the hatter since he pulled a sword on him and fenced with the boy on their first meeting. He claims to know Merlin well since he delivered a present for him from Merlin himself. Even though he's completely bonkers there is something Arthur likes about him.

(( Did you know?
:bulletblue: The Sword in the Stone is the only animated Disney movie from the 1960s not to have , a sequel, a TV show, or a live-action remake.
:bulletblue: Arthur/Wart was voiced by three different boys
:bulletblue: Arthur/Wart is left handed
:bulletblue: Arthur is one of few Disney Princes to become a King by the end of their film
:bulletblue: Bill Peet designed Merlin's nose to look like Walt Disney's
:bulletblue: The horses on King Arthur's carrousel are repainted every two years.
:bulletblue: The French name for the title of "Sword In The Stone" is "Merlin l'enchanteur" which means "Merlin The Magician"
:bulletblue: Two songs written for the film but scrapped before production began were “The Blue Oak Tree” and “The Magic Key”. The latter was to be Merlin’s lecture to Arthur about the value of an education. It was replaced with the more amusing “Higitus Figitus”.
:bulletblue: The Sword in the stone was the last animated masterpiece whose release Walt Disney lived to see, as he died prior to the release of The Jungle Book. ))

*Unlike the usual day, Arthur was not in the kitchen, nor was he in the courtyard or even his bedroom. Arthur had long been cured of Nagaism thank heavens and had now returned home. You were about to leave the castle grounds until you heard singing*

:music: for every high there is a low, for every two there is a fro :music:

*you follow it into an open shelter which is littered with broken weapons and armour and in the middle of it was Arthur who appeared to be fixing a bow whilst happily singing to himself, you knock on the side of the post to get his attention. He turned on the spot revealing his right arm which was in cast and his left leg that was bandaged,  he had a series of bruises decorated on him. Regardless he brightly smiled at you* hello there

((Based after these roleplays


  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Myself sing
  • Reading: Can't read
  • Watching: My good hand work
  • Playing: This bow
  • Eating: biscuits
  • Drinking: Water

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