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For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go 'round

(( Headcanon

:bulletblue: Arthur is completely oblivious to his destiny, as are his friends of Camelot (with the exception of Merlin) and foster family
:bulletblue: Lady Sybil the wife of Sir Ector found Arthur as a baby beneath a tree wrapped in a blanket with a letter addressed to Merlin on it. Despite the letters wishes she kept Arthur herself
:bulletblue: After Lady Sybil died from pneumonia when Arthur was four years old Sir Ector took over on looking after him
:bulletblue: Arthur has a major sweet tooth
:bulletblue: He is very fast for his age and can out run many of the knights.
:bulletblue: He's ashamed of his knees, he thinks they look weird
:bulletblue: Arthur secretly wants to learn white magic to help people but fears of the responsibility and danger that can come with it.
:bulletblue: He can use a bow and arrow better than he can with a sword and even then he struggles
:bulletblue: Even though Arthur can't read or write, since meeting Merlin he can now correctly recit the Alphabet up to "J" and can read his own name and Merlin's
:bulletblue: Arthur's ears turn bright red when he's embaressed ))





WDisneyRP-Arthur's Profile Picture
Arthur "Wart" Pendragon
United Kingdom
Arthur Gif 100 by Hylian-Socks ((Made by :iconhylian-socks:))

Status for Heroes/Villains Quest: Arthur has now gone into hiding with Flynn, Bert, Mary, Rani and Frollo

Part 1: Arthur awoke to his home and the whole Camelot in rubble, in clearing the mess he finds an old parchment with the words changing on it. Jessica, Bert, Dug, Flynn and Madam Leota came to assist with the mess and helping any casualties.

Part 2: He and the women and children of Camelot are forced to leave in search of refuge, a kind woman (Pocahontas) and her Fiancée offered to take them to France on their where they'll safe, Arthur finds out that Pocatontas is holding a book that is changing too fast to decipher much like the parchment he found

Part 3: Upon arriving Arthur decided to investigate this book business further. Archimedes flies ahead to Corona while Arthur headed for the Notre Dame library. As he thought the history books were changing in France there too. It's not long before Pete finds him in the library and tells Arthur of Paris's fall.
Arthur suspected Pete of being behind what happened to Camelot but before he could get an answer Quasi intervened resulting in Pete's escape with the book and a nasty injury left on Arthur

Part 4: Angry with how the encounter with Pete went, as soon as his wounds are cared for as much as possible, Arthur leaves the shelter of the bell tower to try and find Pete only to find his trail had gone cold. On his way back Master Gracey of the haunted mansion stops him to tell him that the oracle had deciphered meaning from the parchment.
That a strange item known as "The Sword In The Stone" would be the difference between peace and destruction

Part 5: Arthur slips out of Paris into Corona where he re-encounters Flynn Rider and asks if he's ever heard of a sword in a stone, but as they speak of this a sword in a stone appears before them. However when Flynn pulled it out it summoned monsters to attack Corona

Part 6: Arthur has pleaded to the help of the mansion to protect Corona and now the living and dead are fighting side by side. However this also attracted the attention of Constance, who demanded to know who summoned the monsters. Even though he was axe point Arthur refused to tell her

Part 7: The meeting with Constance resulted in a wound on Arthur's spine being reopened. After stitching his back Doctor Jay ordered for him to rest in the infirmary for at least a week.

Part 8: Whilst recovering in the infimary he was snatched by Pete and his goons

Part 9: Arthur, with the help of Jessica, escaped the dungeon to find himself in London, where he met up with Flynn and Dug

Hello my name is Arthur but everybody calls me 'Wart'
I work for my foster father, Sir Ector, as a page but I'm training to be a Squire for my foster brother, Kay. I'm finally getting my big chance to go to London with him for a tournament. In the meantime I'm going to train hard and become educated by Merlin

Aliases: Wart, Arthur, Boy, lad, 'Regular little grasshopper' (By Merlin), Runt(By Pete), The boy & young Arthur (The ghosts of the Haunted Mansion)
Age: Young teenager
Alignment: Good
Personality: curious, kind, puts heart in everything he does, brave, noble, eager to learn, daydreamer
Abilities: Despite being Merlin's apprentice he has no magical abilities of his own, however he can speak basic french
Habits: Eating with my mouth open, falling downstairs when carrying objects, tends to daydream, asks a lot of questions
Flaws: Clumsy, gets confused easily, He can't read or write, but he can recognise his own and Merlin's name written down
Companion/Pet: Merlin and Archimedes
Similar Characters: Taran. Peter pan, Mowgli, Pete (From Pete's Dragon), Cody (From rescuers down under but more in appearance)), young kristoph, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Young Link(LOZ: Ocarina of Time)
Home: Camelot Knighting Academy, England

My Mentor: :iconwdisneyrp-merlin: A good-hearted man who I trust with my life, his wisdom is a little...strange at times but I trust it to be true

Close Friends
:iconwdisneyrp-quasi: Arthur has never known a love as strong as his, they stay by each other's side through thick and thin. He is proud to call you brother

:iconwdisneyrp-ortensia: Arthur has never had a motherly figure in his life and appreciates her kindness and generosity

:iconwdisneyrp-constance: He never believed Constance to be truly evil since she had the mercy to spare his life on his first encounter and then again when they crossed. Recent events have really tested his trust for and it's falling fast

:iconwdisneyrp-charlotte: Charlotte is the first wealthy woman he's befriended, he likes her company and finds her a very sweet and generous woman

:iconwdisneyrp-flynn: They met when they were turned into pixies but Arthur finds him very interesting and nice to be around. Even though Flynn has told Arthur he was once a theif the boy think any different of him for it

:iconwdisneyrp-marahute: A beautiful bird who he freed from a trap, he admires her beauty and has even had the honour of flying her and meeting her offspring

:iconwdisneyrp-elsa: Arthur's first royal friend he is grateful for her hospitality when he nearly froze to death to deliver her some goods. He is happy that she has finally seen the good in her powers and that they are still friends despite social differences

:iconwdisneyrp-jessica: He really likes Jessica but her beauty and affection towards him often makes it hard to hold a blush

:iconwdisneyrp-mabel: a strange but charming girl, he has no clue that she has a crush on him but doesn't share the feelings back

:iconwdisneyrp-mary: a very generous woman, she bought him a coat when it started to rain. Despite her normal appearence Arthur senses something whimsical about her and hopes to meet her again.

Dangerous: :iconwdisneyrp-mim: That horrible old witch tried to destory me and Merlin! Now she's back and as bad as ever!

:iconwdisneyrp-frollo: Even though he knows Frollo's intentions for him are good, his temper and mental episodes often frightens him away and does not like to be left alone with him for long. The worst was when he'd been turned into a naga and the judge thought he was a demon from hell and tried to murder him.
:iconwdisneyrp-percival: They're relationship is strange, Mcleach teaches him how to fist fight and even though Mcleach acts cold he would never hurt Arthur unless he crosses him.

:iconwdisneyrp-maleficent: There is no personal hatred between but more a hate for what she did to Camelot and the people dearest to him. He remains cautious around her, knowing that he is nothing but a tool for the mistress of all evil

:iconwdisneyrp-badpete: His hunger for power knows no bounds, he is maliciously ruthless and under Maleficent's command he has abducted Arthur to use him for evil and stamped out anyone who got in his way.
Arthur knows that it's Maleficent's will that is stopping Pete from killing him

(( Did you know?
:bulletblue: The Sword in the Stone is the only animated Disney movie from the 1960s not to have , a sequel, a TV show, or a live-action remake.
:bulletblue: Arthur/Wart was voiced by three different boys
:bulletblue: Arthur/Wart is left handed
:bulletblue: Arthur is one of few Disney Princes to become a King by the end of their film
:bulletblue: In original storyboards for the wizards duel Arthur was observing from the dead tree branch with Archimedes in his human form as opposed to his sparrow form. Some children's books made by disney of the wizards duel has also shown him as a human boy in a tree
:bulletblue: Bill Peet designed Merlin's nose to look like Walt Disney's
:bulletblue: The horses on King Arthur's carrousel are repainted every two years.
:bulletblue: The French name for the title of "Sword In The Stone" is "Merlin l'enchanteur" which means "Merlin The Magician"
:bulletblue: Two songs written for the film but scrapped before production began were “The Blue Oak Tree” and “The Magic Key”. The latter was to be Merlin’s lecture to Arthur about the value of an education. It was replaced with the more amusing “Higitus Figitus”.
:bulletblue: The Sword in the stone was the last animated masterpiece whose release Walt Disney lived to see, as he died prior to the release of The Jungle Book. ))

He couldn't even say what he was, he was still in shell shock over what had just happened.
"Your highness?"
'I never asked for this...' He thought staring at the holy sword in his lap 'I just wanted this to end-'
"Your highness"
Arthur met the gaze of the man addressing him, it was going to take him a while to realise that when people said 'Sire','your highness' and 'your majesty' that they were actually referring to him .
Arthur was alone in a small chapel with a very fancy dressed old man. 
Kind of like Arch deacon but more higher ranking.
"I know you probably want step out of this peasant life as soon as possible-"
'Not really-'
The pope looked towards the what would have been a wall with a religious hanging on it but was now a gaping hole.
"I think London needs to clean it's self up a bit for your coronation, I think oh~ three days should be enough time"
'Only three?!'
Arthur opened his mouth to say something hurt no words came out.
"Oh yes young man it'll be a grand occasion" the pope patted the boy on the back "Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses will gather to England to see such a-"
Arthur got up silently, the chanting still echoing loudly from outside. 
He blocked out the popes words.
There was more than just 'tidying' up that needed to be done.
There was some question popping into his mind.
Why him?
Why did this all happen?
Where had maleficent and her gang run off to?
He sighed.
Did it matter now?
He was king,  England was safe, happily ever after...right?
In the tapestries you never heard of after ever after, what he was to make things worse.
He pulled a ratty moth eaten hooded cloak over himself and propped the hood up.
Arthur wanted to do somethings undetected before his time was up.
As guided by the pope through a back door he made his way out through the streets of London avoiding the chanting crowd that had gathered around the chapel.
'Oh god what to do?! 
I have so much to do and no time to do.
Let's see...
I have to tell merlin what happened.
And sir Ector will want to know
Then run away.
I'll needs to find a place for Flynn frollo, quasi and who else is hurt to stay.
A place for the ghosts to hide during the day
Then run away
Get some new clothes
Run away
Thank everyone else for their help
Run away
Clear the air of these rumours about me raising the dead 
Run away
Run away!
Run away! '
And as the boy king went through his mental check list of things to do before he was king, he was breaking from a fast paced walk into a run.

((okay I'm going to have this journal up for three days and then I'm going to put a little coronation banquet one later.

thank you to everyone who took part, even if you couldn't see it through to the end, I'm sorry it went for longer than expected but I enjoyed it while it lasted and I hope you all did too :heart:))
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  • Listening to: The citizens of London chanting my name
  • Watching: The streets ahead of me

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Arthur... what a mess I had made of things... Some brother I turned out to be... came a prayer, seemingly out of nowhere.
WDisneyRP-Arthur Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Arthur was half asleep against his cell wall when he heard it.
Was he dreaming again.
WDisneyRP-Quasi Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That voice seemed to speak again...but it was highly incoherent... His cell remained the same...but something small and white awaited seemingly at the corner of the cell...wavering.

... ... I am sorry....
WDisneyRP-Arthur Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Arthur looked at the light
"You knew..." His voice was frail " knew of my destiny...why keep it from me?"
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Not having to worry about the safety of her babies, Ortensia had started her trip to Camelot.
Determent to find out where Arthur was and if he was still safe.

Upon arriving she could only see ruins of an old building.
She started to doubt if she was even in the right place.

"I was sure the castle was around here somewhere." She muttered to herself.
WDisneyRP-Arthur Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
A group of knights were trying to rebuild something out of the pile of rubble, among them was Sir Ector.
The only part of Camelot that was still in tact was an in , a man covered in blood gave her a skeptical look as she walked past.
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