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Going back to the old paths
Madame Leota chuckled.
"I don't find this funny at all, Madame.", Gracey rebuked. He had started the day with the appearance of a handsome man but the matter had made white hair appear and wrinkles spoil his beauty.
"I do.", Madame Leota smiled. "She took advantage of her freedom. She really did."
"I have to punish her somehow.", Gracey walked around the room, talking to her and to himself as well. "She can't...She can't do that!"
"I don't see why she should be punished. After all, we have brought many spirits to the mansion."
"But they decided to stay! We didn't curse anyone to remain here!"
"Do I have to remind you what your intentions were when Emily died?"
Gracey stopped his walk and looked at the crystal ball. His hair fell from his head and his flesh seemed to consume.
"I'm sorry for bringing that up.", Madame Leota rushed to add. "But I don't want you to be an hypocrite. The ghosts wouldn't like it."
"...Well...You are...right about that...But I wanted to do that because I...I l
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A new commandment
Hic habitat felicitas.
*The past days had been quite somber for the Minister of Justice. First, the mission for the capture of the great golden eagle :iconWDisneyRP-Marahute: was a not a success because of :iconWdisneyRP-Arthur:, who freed the creature. However, Frollo trusted the hunter :iconWDisneyRP-Percival: to complete to find and capture the eagle.
Nonetheless, more qualms surrounded the Minister. After so many years, the Archdeacon of Josas revealed the fate of that Romani woman, the trespasser... the thief... the woman he mistook for a thief: Quasimodo’s mother. All these years, she was resting at the cathedral. Frollo returned to the bell ringer, and provided him with the truth, and it was so difficult to face. The poor boy :iconWDisneyRP-Quasi: despaired, and Frollo regretted his undoing, alas there was nothing he could do about it, and Quasimodo, he not only offered forgiveness but also stated that he loved his father! The lad as well listened and comforted the
:iconwdisneyrp-frollo:WDisneyRP-Frollo 10 205
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Something Merlin This Way Comes?
The Mad Madam sat in front of her fireplace, conjuring something out of want and wickedness. While her cauldron bubbled a slimy green, Mim reached into a little bag of gathered ingredients, dropping each of it's contents into the scalding hot water.
A red dragon's tooth, a piece of blue cloth from a wizard's robe, wings of a pixie, a splinter from an enchanted tree, two diamonds, and a white hair from the Wizard Merlin's beard.
"The boy shall have his teacher back, but more importantly I will have back my competition. And if anything were to go wrong, Merlin surely would show his face."
With a wicked smile, Mim finished the potion and purple fog filled the room. A storm raged on outside and lightning shot down from the skies and into the chimney, hitting the potion and pushing Mim back. Looking back, she had discovered her spell had worked.
In front of her stood-
"Merlin..." She rose to her feet and madly grinned. "It worked!"
:iconwdisneyrp-mim:WDisneyRP-Mim 1 21
Sword in the Stone Genderbend by SinWall Sword in the Stone Genderbend :iconsinwall:SinWall 15 0

Home: The royal castle of London, England

My Mentor: :iconwdisneyrp-merlin: "A wise and good-hearted man who I trust with my life, he is my teacher and my royal vizer"

:iconarchimedes-owlplz: "A grumpy slightly sensitive old owl but don't let that put you off he's really alright once you get to know him. He calls himself 'highly educated', which is very true. He's even teaching me to read and write!"

:iconwdisneyrp-frollo: Even though he knows Frollo's intentions for him are good, his temper and mental episodes often frightens him away and does not like to be left alone with him for long. The worst was when he'd been turned into a naga and the judge thought he was a demon from hell and tried to murder him.

Judge Armand Without proper consent he had Arthur tortured whilst he was in adult form for a crime he did not comit. Arthur does not trust this man and is worried that he is one of the party of 'french' that has an old grudge and wants revenge on England for what the previous monarch has done, whatever that maybe

:iconwdisneyrp-gothel: They have met a few times, he recently found out she tried to murder one of his dearest friends along time ago.
Though she isn't looking to harm Rapunzel or Eugene, Arthur still remains cautious around her

:iconwdisneyrp-bingbong: Arthur has had many fun experiences with the colourful pacaderm but he's not sure whether he actually exists. Or whether he's just a figment of his dreams. Even so he looks forward to whenever he does see him

:iconwdisneyrp-mim: That horrible old witch tried to destory me and Merlin! Now she's back and as bad as ever!

:iconwdisneyrp-maleficent: There is no personal hatred between but more a hate for what she did to Camelot and the people dearest to him. He remains cautious around her, knowing that he is nothing but a tool for the mistress of all evil

:iconwdisneyrp-badpete: His hunger for power knows no bounds, he is maliciously ruthless and relishes . He has an obvious hatred Arthur and Merlin, though Arthur is not sure why he hates Merlin. Arthur believed him dead after the wars that lead to his coronation but it turns out he couldn't be further from it

:iconwdisneyrp-facilier: Arthur was tricked into taking a magical orb from the good doctor believing it would help benefit his kingdom. However it threw Arthur into a hypnotic trance and made him cause destruction wherever he went under Facilier's control

:iconwdisneyrp-mozenrath: Someone trying to take over he world, despite he tried to kill the young monarch, his encounter with Mozenrath has left him with questions about dark magic.
Like whether all black magic comes with a sacrifice of losing a limb ( he thinks Pete may have lost his leg due to dark magic and maleficent her wings) or whether Mozenrath was seriously unlucky?





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WDisneyRP-Arthur's Profile Picture
King Arthur Pendragon
United Kingdom

For many years, Arthur (Or Wart as he was better known) worked in Camelot Knights Academy as a page boy under the watchful eye of his foster father, Sir Ector. He had a pretty normal life until he stumbled across a cottage in the woods, the home of an old wizard and his soon to be mentor Merlin.
After meeting Merlin he was shown the wonders of the worlds beyond Camelot, the impossible made possible and made lifelong friends along the way.
Sadly Arthur has also been put in danger at the fault of Merlin and made dangerous enemies, despite this Arthur has not caved into pressure and has remained a fierce friend.
However fate pulled one trick out of the hat that neither of them were expecting.


It turned out Arthur was the missing King of England, he and Merlin become separated as the forces evil began to destroying his home town. Leaving Arthur with nothing but the clothes on his back. After evacuating his home he soon found at Camelot wasnt the only victim of such an abrupt attack. So he decided to seek out his friends and head on a quest to find the ones responsible.
In the end the battle was won by good and he found himself the (reluctant) King of England

Arthur is fascinated with their time and what inventions the two of them can. They didn't even realise this until Tadashi pointed out the likeness between Hiro and Arthur and dug up some family records, but they are Arthur’s descendants.
:iconwdisneyrp-hiro-h: Hiro is very intelligent, more so than a lot of people his age, even older. However Arthur can tell he lacks self confidence in himself and what he makes. Perhaps if he shows his inventions to a different kind of crowd, it will boost his self-belief.

:iconwdisneyrp-tadashi: Tadashi is an all-round good guy and a saint, within a short time of meeting him, he treated Arthur like his own flesh and blood. He is also a major fanboy over Arthurian Legend and has turned Arthur into a major "Professor What" fan. Like Hiro He shares a skill for inventing


:iconwdisneyrp-ortensia: Arthur has never had a motherly figure in his life and appreciates her kindness and generosity
:iconwdisneyrp-flynn: Even though Flynn has told Arthur he was once a thief the boy doesn't think any different of him for it, since he has been so kind to him and great company to be around. Now they are in the same boat as they thrown into the world of royalty. It reassures Arthur to know that their friendship for hasn't changed because of a title.
:iconwdisneyrp-quasi: Arthur has never known a love as strong as his, they stay by each other's side through thick and thin. He is proud to call you brother
:iconwdisneyrp-rapunzel: Eugene’s Fiancé, like Arthur she was also a missing Royal. She’s a sweet girl who seems to bring joy wherever she goes. He’s happy that she and Eugene found each other
:iconwdisneyrp-alice: Arthur's leading lady in English trade. Arthur met her in his peasant disguise and once learning of her taking over her father's trading business, he decided to give her a helping hand. They have become great friends since.
:iconwdisneyrp-baymax: Arthur is fascinated by this creature, that something like him can be made and have a vast wisdom on medicine as well as many other things. Arthur can't help but melt inside when he see's the huggable nurse snuggle up to cats.
:iconwdisneyrp-elsa: Arthur admires the snow Queen as a leader and a friend. She was also one of few people who Arthurs future but didn't tell him due the fear she had felt when the trolls had revealed her future. He hopes some day that England maybe as great as Arendelle
:iconwdisneyrp-riley: A girl from the year 2015, though she is a good person Arthur doesn’t feel like she could handle the truth of who he really is…

If you'd of asked Arthur where he'd seen himself in three years three years ago.
He would of said "cleaning the kitchen of Sir Ectors castle"
Not sat in the emperor's palace in the middle of ancient Kyoto, Japan.
A land that wouldn't be officially discovered for another few  centuries.
Despite how early he and Merlin  were the royal family had shown welcoming hospitality.
It was late evening and everyone had turned in for the night
His quarters over looked a  small but immaculate garden and other rooms sealed by a sliding paper door
Only the sound of crickets to keep him company
Currently the young king was sat on the patio outside his room wearing a light yukuta with a fan in his hand that one of the emperor's children had made for him
Japan was so humid compared to England.
So he'd receiving the fan gratefully.
It even had his name in Japanese kanji on it.
His room was even more minimalistic than back home.
All that was in was his sleeping bag on a bamboo mat, his clothes and bag in the corner and a painting that hung on the wall.
He'd discovered that the wardrobe contained a fold in table and some cushions for seating.
So far this visit had gone pretty smoothly.
The language barrier was still something to over come but Merlin had been helping where he could.
Come to think it, Merlin seemed very in his element here.
A lot of the monks had seemed to recognise and respect the wizard. Arthur had a feeling it may have something to do with Merlin travelling abroad to enhance his magic but he'd grill him for details in the morning.
Arthur decided it was time for bed and retreated to his room, closing the sliding door behind when he heard a noise.
A strange squeaky noise of the floorboard moving outside his room.
Merlin had told him that the floorboards had been built to mimic the sound of nightingales when walked upon.
"Who's there?"

((Just a starter to say I'm back from my trip!
I will answering replies soon so thank you for your patience.
I've set this Kyoto as it was the old capital and had a lot more ancient temples and palaces compared to Tokyo
As for how my trip went it was amazing! Everyone was just so friendly and fun fact. I did actually carry around a fan I'd made at the hostel with my name on it like I've given Arthur here which got some funny responses from the locals))


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Jose' looked around England, he wasn't sure what to expect of it but it seemed nice.
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He also voiced some cult leader wearing a leopard skin cloak, I can't remember his name.))
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Cedric had to travel to the castle by order of King Rolland II to perform a show, but he would rather take a vacation where the famous Wizard lived with King Arthur. He looked around and smiled hoping to see Merlin again, but to meet King Arthur at last.
WDisneyRP-Arthur Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
((They know each other in the series don't they? I'm afraid I don't know much of Sofia the first but I'll try my best))

Merlin was in the court yard practicing combat with Arthur, Magic vs the blade.
It also helped draw out the powers from the legendary sword from the stone, powers yet they were still to fully understand.
"Now boy you need to be quick with those stun spells" He said.
Arthur raised his sword ready to block a new spell but spotted Cedric.
"Uh, Sir. It's not safe here at the moment" He said politely
Though they never hurt each other. 
Servants were always ordered to clear the training grounds for these sessions.
The last time it took a foot soldier a whole hour to stop laughing from one of Merlins curses and another maid had to walk around the castle with pink hair.
Although she asked to have it back once it disappeared.
Merlin looked to where Arthur was looking.
"Well blow me down!" Merlin exclaimed putting his wand away for a moment "Cedric, old boy. Is that really you?"
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